Being somewhere where water/sand is..  I grew up boating with my family on the Mississippi in la crosse. WI

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NOSTALGIA: it's delicate, but potent. In Greek,"nostalgia" literally means "the pain from an old wound." It's a twinge in your heart far more powerful than memory alone -a feeling of a place where we ache to go again. So very true 😣

Hiraeth (n) A Homesickness for a Home to Which You Cannot Return, a Home Which Maybe Never Was; The Nostalgia, The Yearning, The Grief for the Places of Your Past...

When You Love-Hate the Place You’re From

a Welsh word which has no literal translation. it's more of a feeling than a word. I love this. Even the definition of a word can be poetry.

This time last year I was getting ready for my trip to Spain. Missin' it like crazy! :(

Nostalgia- a sentimental yearning for the happiness of a former place or time. I yearn for the time when I wasn't ready to give up on the beauty of my dreams.

45's Still Rock....if only I still had my turntable.

I think I wore my Wham 45 out. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go! When life was simply and Geroge Michael had beautiful feathered hair.

I remember having a million of these little plastic pieces, but I don't actually remember the game.   Tiddly Winks.

I remember using these to play bingo with at school.and Tidly Winks

Who remembers the days of saving information on floppy disks.

25 Awesome Experiences Today's Kids Will Never Understand

I found my box of floppy disks like 6 years ago, bought an external floppy drive, and found out that all my disks needed to be defragmented… talk about a FML moment!

Paper Fortune Tellers Our fortunes were things like "you're stupid" or "you suck" and "You're cool." Yup.... we were pretty nifty kids @Kathleen Publicover

Barbie Color Change Makeup Center

45 Things From Your '90s Childhood You Probably Forgot About

Putting cool beads on your bike spokes.

these or putting 2 card between the tire to make it sound like a motorcycle!

My ears got pierced as an infant, but I still had these around. They were kinda a P.I.A, like the stick on nails.. they never stayed on long. No wonder I got in2 tattoo's & piercing's

Remember when you used stick-on earrings? One year for Christmas I received a white turtleneck and a variety of stick-on earrings to "decorate" the turtleneck.

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Cinderella uses old roller skates when she cleans (so she can move quicker because she has alot of chores)

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The Flinstones vitamins - the only chewable vitamin I can remember of my generation. I'm surprised I didn't suffer from vitamin toxicity given the "extras" I used to sneak from the medicine cabinet.

After an automatic window gets stuck "rolled down" in the rain I wish all cars would go back to this simpler mechanism

Sunday brunch (62 photos)

Funny thing is my 2007 Caliber still had roll-down windows. My nieces thought it was the coolest thing. My new Caliber has button windows.

Daily Odd Compliment still sell this in different packages

11 Reasons It Was Sweet to Be a '90s Kid

Pin for Later: 11 Reasons It Was Sweet to Be a Kid Bubble Tape Sorry Washi Tape, you weren't the first novelty tape to take the US by storm; Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape's got you beat.

29 Coisas que definitivamente marcaram a infância nos anos 90 e deixaram saudade

29 Coisas que definitivamente marcaram a infância nos anos 90 e deixaram saudade