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Always when we see this number feel jinxed because it's unlucky no in our life we beleived in that because we rasid and lived our life beleiving in same manners like no 13 there's alot worng beleives we have and it's need to change

13 by Martina Flor for 8faces.com

Typography & Lettering Advent Calendar Day Martina Flor Originally from Buenos Aires and now living in Berlin, Martina’s type and lettering projects will be familiar to many. Her formal training.

"Cause when you're, 15 and, somebody tells you they love you, you're gonna believe 'em..."

In case you didnt know, when Taylor first started out in the music industry thirteen was her lucky number and she used to draw the number thirteen on the back of her hand before every concert.

Taylor Swift and her love of the number "13" and actually I was born on the 13th of Nov and everything good that he opens to me usually involves the number 13

Taylor Swift Explains Why 13 Is Her Lucky Number

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