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Opály 18x13mm Náušky mají bezpečnostní háčky proti ztrátě Celková délka 38mm Už v tom plavu... Na přání!

Yowah Ironstone with embedded Opal

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rough Boulder Opal #pixiecrystals - makes me laugh callling gem stones like this 'rough' (i know it means 'uncut') but still, it doesn't look 'rough' in many other senses of the word! Wow Opal.

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Rare Lace Opal Agate in a Honeycomb-pattern Ethiopian Chocolate Opal - Yita Ridge, Shewa, Ethiopia

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Some opal from our mine at Kurran Station , Queensland, Australia

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I was amazed when I came across Yowah opals online... They are spectacular...There will be a festival in Australia only for people that work with this wonderful gems...

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Lydia Courteille - Gardens of Xochimilco collection. Necklace - One Of A Kind Yellow gold black rhodium, sapphires, green garnets, fire opals.

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Karin Tremonti opal necklace - "The Path of Enlightenment", 86 Natural Crystal Opals.

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Rene Lalique, Peacock brooch. In the Symbolist style, two enamel feathers and diamonds frame a sapphire. Lighter blue enamel feathers hold an opal pendant.

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Opal "Pipes"...Queensland , Australia

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