10 SUP Yoga Poses to practice on a Standup Paddle Board #IsleSurfandSUP
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10 Reasons You Should Try Yoga On A Stand Up Paddleboard

10 SUP YOGA poses for beginners - Paddleboard Yoga
6. Side Plank (Sanskrit: Vasisthasana) http://www.pranashama.org

12 Amazing Paddleboard Yoga Poses (and How to Do Them)

Yoga on a paddle board is both fun and challenging. Most places rent them now so grab one and get out there! Now, if the weather would work with me here in Iowa I would be out now!
BOGA Yoga Boards are the one of the best SUP Yoga Boards. Designed and shaped for stability for all levels while practicing fitness or paddle board yoga on water
10 Reasons You Should Try Yoga on a Stand Up Paddleboard- from HuffPost  1.  It's a better workout 2.  It will refine your technique 3.  It's more calming 4.  It will help you focus on your breath 5.  It's empowering 6.  It's fun 7.  It's just a touch scary 8.  It teaches you to get back up 9.  It's more challenging 10. It's beautiful

10 Reasons You Should Try Yoga On A Stand Up Paddleboard

SUP Wheels® for the paddle board.  www.supwheels.com
SUP yoga. Trying this at the end of the summer-or as soon as my yoga practice is back up to where I left off before pregnancy-with Erin!