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Painted Wooden Crosses

Baylor 16" Hand Painted Wooden Cross. $42.00, via Etsy.

diy wood crosses | Painting Wooden Crosses Ideas

Nail another cross board for the hat and paint a snowman on the other side, wooden snowman

A wooden turquoise painted frame with splashes of yellow, orange and brown holds a rustic wooden Cross in the center. The Cross is tilted to the side with a smaller black metal cross in the middle. Ties of turquoise and natural burlap and three different kinds of chocolate brown ribbon surround this beautiful Cross! Measures- 12 3/4" high X 9 1/2" wide

Hand Painted Wooden Cross by AvasJewels on Etsy

Door Hanger: Chevron Cross, Summer Wreath, Wall Cross, Hand painted wooden cross, Summer Door Hanger

diy painted 3 wooden to paint leopard spots

Door Hanger: Cross, Summer Wreath, Wall Cross, Hand painted wooden cross, Summer Door Hanger via Etsy

Custom 16 Painted Wooden Cross by MaddielouAndMe on Etsy, $42.00

Hand painted wooden cross follow my shop on Instagram thenovelowl

Rustic painted Wooden cross wall hanging by normanfiveart on Etsy, $30.00

Blue and Brown Hand Painted Wooden Cross by PoshReCreations, $34.00

Turquoise and Zebra Layered Wooden Cross. $40.00, via Etsy.

Green and Leopard Hand Painted Wooden Cross by PoshReCreations,

Personalized funky wooden cross for your front door by paintchic, $50.00

wooden crosses painted | ... Wall Cross Wooden Hand Painted Chevron Cross by GinnyLinnyArt, $25.00

Hand Painted 8' Wooden Cross Wall Decor / Peace Love by DKPlanners, $17.00

Because Someone We Love is in Heaven Theres a little bit of Heaven in our Home Hand painted wooden sign Western Cross Sign Wood Sign

A cream wooden Cross painted with swirl patterns in browns and blues sits off to the side of a turquoise wooden frame with splashes of orange and yellow. In the center of the Cross sits a metal flower painted in chocolate brown and turquoise. Ties of cream and blue burlap and ties of different wire ribbon surrounds this beautiful Cross. Measures- 16" tall X 13 1/2" wide

Christmas Wooden Cross Door Hanger. Love this one! Really you could probably paint both sides and have 2-in-1! Kelly Teske Goldsworthy Camp

My cousin's hand painted wooden cross. She is family so I plan on having her make one for Lydia so I don't have to be crafty :)

Hand Painted 18' Wooden Cross Wall Decor / Trust in the Lord. $40.00, via Etsy.

Painted cross $15 on etsy Also plain wood crosses to decorate available at DIY Greek