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It's the ultimate Bamboo lover - Panda Bears diet consists of Bamboo.

Don't be such a Hooch, Dobie.  Let me go to the concert with you.  I don't mind being the third wheel on your date.  See what you're making me do...I'm eating my feelings.

Among the many animals and one of my favorites is the Panda Bear. They are primitive to China. It is also legal to own and raise a Panda as a pet in China. Pandas are in danger of extinction and something needs to be done to save them.

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Congratulations to the Panda Bear who has officially been removed from the endangered species list

Community Post: 5 Reasons Pandas Wouldn't Make Good Best Friends

5 Reasons Pandas Wouldn't Make Good Best Friends

"Reflections of black & white ~ sure makes a pretty picture alright!" - not really a panda in water, it's just an effect, like Photoshop

Adorable Panda = Source material #1 --> For Panda drawing/character ;)


Shoot the panda - 5 months before the Seth Rich murder! An article from Vanity Fair January 2016 titled Hillary Clinton Cannot Be Stopped contains an ee

Giant Panda Bear Facts | Endangered Animals

Giant pandas have a protruding wrist bone which functions as a thumb, helping them hold bamboo as they eat. Learn more panda facts at Animal Fact Guide!

What are you thinking about? Panda bro

What are you thinking about? Panda bro

Happy Bamboo Eating Panda Bear!

Happy Bamboo Eating Panda Bear!

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Another victim of human greed an ignorance, how can we do such a terrible thing to such a gentle animal by destroying their habitat

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