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type of pandas - baby panda images and pictures, the cutest animal in the world

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car sez: We deem them cute for looking dim-witted. But for those of us who are dim-witted, they offer no charity.

Des folies beaucoup plus sensées que la raison                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

theperfectworldwelcome: “ plasmatics-life: “ Giant Panda Greetings [via/more] By Josef Gelernter ” Beautiful !

if you don't find pandas cute you are not human:

Lot 6 Animal Abnormal Shape Postcard - panda dog tiger bird polar bear penguin

Healing snow doll painted watercolor illustrations of animals. Panda a group. Now You Can Learn To Use Your Natural Ability; To Channel Your Life-force Energy, Heal Your Family, Friends (and Yourself). And Attain The Skills Of A Master Reiki Healer.

Wooooow, How beautiful a girl she is!❤ * Photo by Weibo ©卧龙大熊猫俱乐部

Wooooow, How beautiful a girl she is * Photo by Weibo ©卧龙大熊猫俱乐部

A pane of glass will never stop their love and sass!

When you miss your cousins (Red pandas actually aren't really related to pandas!

Cute panda

Yeah at first glance, its so cute! then I wonder, should someone help it get unstuck?

I drew these animals on lined paper with color pencils (watercolors). I love creating cute and funny images!

I Draw Animals That Don’t Want To Stay Between The Lines

South Africa-based artist and illustrator Iantha Naicker has created an adorable series of animal drawings. Using color pencils and watercolors, her playful animals are seen “tangled up” in the lines of a notebook.