Good, clear presentation of Seasonal Window Considerations for Passive Solar homes. Windows must be climate sensitive: check to see if they show be double or triple paned, or even covered with a thermal shade in coldest climates.

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passive solar heating/cooling. Even better illustration of passive solar design principles.

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Deltec Homes, Renew Collection, "Ridgeline" (B) 1604sf ~ Passive solar layout, vaulted ceilings & high clerestory windows. Uses 2/3 less energy than typical home, can achieve net-zero energy. Shell price according to South or North energy modeling: Pre-painted Allura fiber cement siding, window & door package, floor system, advanced wall system & energy modeling for your climate. *See completed Ridgeline:

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zincalume steel, worm-farm blackwater treatment system, Bush House, rammed earth walls, thermal mass, passive solar, solar hot water, solar power, solar powered architecture, jarrah wood, Archterra Architects, Bush House by Archterra Architects

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Passive solar slab

Passive solar slab

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Sunlight through the year for use in passive solar design

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passive solar/thermal heat gain for the house as well as food, nice.

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passive and active solar home - builder in Asheville (Springtime Homes)

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A Trombe wall is a passive solar building technique where a wall is built on the winter sun side of a building with a glass external layer and a high heat capacity internal layer separated by a layer of air. Heat in close to UV spectrum passes through the glass almost unhindered then is absorbed by the wall that then re-radiates in the far infrared spectrum which does not pass back through the glass easily, hence heating the inside of the building.

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Passively heat your home in the winter, and have fresh veggies year round.

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