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This week's build comes from Modder Crow, who we've featured here before. He has taken the Thermaltake Core and really turned it into something unique.

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You'll see all of the strix case mod contest entries shared on their website, incudling the owl theme asus strix scratch built pc, and other clever ideas for strix gaming computer themes.

PCCG Infinity 1080 Ti Gaming System [PCCG-INFINITY1080TI] : PC Case Gear

PCCG Infinity Gaming System available to buy online from PC Case Gear – Australia’s Premier Online PC Store.

mod LORAMENTUM par Alexander Banks

mod LORAMENTUM par Alexander Banks is there a tutorial to do this in English can anyone help me out?

Cooler Master Case Mod: H.R. GIGER Tribute, "BIOMECHANICAL" - Mnpctech

Star Trek Gaming PC Case Mod Tribute to Leonard Nimoy Antec Signature Series Thermaltake w series Fractal design node primochill intel gaming for for corsair bulldogs custom intel gaming pc giveaway amd fury x radeon r 9 300

Well, it's something.

Well, it's something.

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I just finished my wall-mounted PC "Bumblebee". What do you guys think?  It is beautiful! -SixaraTM #rigs

I just finished my wall-mounted PC "Bumblebee". What do you guys think?

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PC case straight from a WWII radio hut...

Love the Styling. Wish I knew more about it. All the discription says is "Tube Vamped Tower Amplifier" (Computer Tech Computers)