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I'll add another help. Lol! Into my writing day, y'all. #amwriting #theconfessorsburden.

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heart 5 I have to agree with Snoopy... touch the dog...good grief...I ain't afraid of no dog gems....

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Hate it when this happens. Peanuts for 2/23/2014 | Peanuts | Comics | ArcaMax Publishing

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Oh, Snoopy! Peanuts for 6/1/2014 | Peanuts | Comics | ArcaMax Publishing

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Life, as they say, is full of surprises! Just, when you think you've seen…

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From Here comes the April Fool! - A Peanuts Parade Book 24

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Class with Peppermint Patty. More

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From The Mad Punter Strikes Again - A Peanuts Parade Book 7

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Most people get so caught up in their own lives they forget this.... KS

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