Philip Johnson’s Glass House, built atop a dramatic hill on a rolling 47-acre estate in New Canaan, Connecticut, is a piece of architecture famous the world over not for what it includes, but for what it leaves out. The dwelling’s transparency and ruthless economy are meant to challenge nearly every conventional definition of domesticity.

Architect Philip Johnson's Glass House

Phillip Johnson’s Glass House In the late architect Philip Johnson distilled the principles of modernism into a residence of radical simplicity

Chapel of St. Basil, Houston (USA) - Phillip Johnson

Chapel of St. Basil, Houston (USA) - Phillip Johnson Known for his international and postmodernist architecture. I Pinned this because i liked the original design especially for a chapel.

The Glass House by Philip Johnson (1949) New Canaan, CT. USA

The Glass House by Philip Johnson New Canaan, CT. USA Exactly my taste and how I would want to live, right down to the furniture.

1979 Philip Johnson// Find out the difference with Le Corbusier .

Architect Philip Johnson's Glass House

PHILIP JOHNSON, The Glass House, 1949, New Canaan, Connecticut.

T Magazine takes us inside the Connecticut home of Philip Johnson & partner David Whitney, including the infamous glass house & neighbouring 15 structures.

Philip Johnson Glass House - Sculpture Gallery,  © Harf Zimmermann

The Glass House Sculpture Gallery The modernist period of architecture left very interesting and exciting buildings for us to analyze now!

Rockefeller Guest House, Philip Johnson

1950 I The Blanchette Hooker Rockefeller (Mrs. John D, III) I Guest House, 242 East Street, New York, NY. I Built by Murphy-Brinkworth Construction Company I The house was donated to the Museum of Modern Art in 1955 after which it had several owners

Crystal Cathedral - Garden Grove, CA, USA / 1980 / Philip Johnson & John Burgee

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Philip Johnson, Chapel of St. Basil. Located at Houston's University of St. Thomas

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