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"I'm A Good Dog" Is A Moving Tribute To America's Most Misunderstood Breed

It's a Pittie pawty ;)

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Look at that face, I hate that they get such a bad rep. They are actually one of the most protective dogs for babys you could have

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This goes for Dogo Argentino's too!!

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Pit Bulls are the best. Please adopt one and learn the truth.

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Gorgeous Brindle - Opposite of my pup, Mine is mainly white with brindle spots. Would love a full Brindle one day.

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Red nosed pit bull •*°˚★˚@qveenparĸ˚★˚°*•

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I have a part-pit dog. Let me say, they are one of the best dogs a person could ever have.

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WOW!! What beautiful Pit Bull! Love these dogs.THIS IS A ITALIAN MASTIFF!

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