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Easy to understand plate tectonics for all students, including our special learners!
Plate Tectonics  I never would have thought of this. In a classroom if I talked about  plate tectonics I think this would be a  neat way for students to learn the material or review it after learning it.
In this simple modeling plate tectonics activity, students will model each of the different types of interactions at plate boundaries. Geology at its best!

STEM Club ~ Plate Tectonics

Hands on science plate tectonics unit for elementary

Plate Tectonics Unit

Slip Slide Collide - OpenLearn - Open University - PLATE TECTONICS
Illustrate the concept of plate tectonics for kids with this detailed full-color infographic from KIDS DISCOVER.
Plate tectonics and other really great ideas for earth science
Plate Tectonics  Convergent, divergent, transform plate boundaries
Tectonic plates anchor chart.
Plate Tectonics   World map of volcanoes, earthquakes, impact craters, and plate tectonics — our most popular map!