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How to Count Rows (and Stitches) in Garter Stitch

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Fixing a Dropped Stitch in a Knit Row

How to Fix a Dropped Stitch in Garter Stitch: Fixing a Dropped Stitch in a Knit Row


Kitchener Stitch Grafting of Garter Stitch Knitting - YouTube

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The Easiest Knitting Stitches for Beginners

The Easiest Knitting Stitches for Beginners: Garter Stitch

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Beginning a Garter Stitch Seam

Working mattress stitch or seaming on Garter Stitch is not any more difficult than seaming Stockinette, but you do need to pay a bit of attention.

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50 x 50 Poncho Knitting Pattern, pdf, garter stitch, chunky

Here’s a poncho based on the number 50. • diamonds with 50 stitches on each side and 50 decreases; • side panels of 50 stitches times 50


Perfect Bind-Off for Garter Stitch: The Icelandic Bind-Off - YouTube

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Tips, Tricks and Patterns for Knitting Garter Stitch

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