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Tattoo-Motive: über 80 Ideen für das nächste Tattoo

Check out some awesome portrait tattoos by some of today's best ink artists.

This is probably one of the most gorgeous portraits I have ever seen - Matteo Pasqualin

Superb Child Portrait Tattoo by Matteo Pasqualin - Oh! One of the most awesome tattoos I've seen.

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Faithful friend: The loving eyes of this beloved pooch stare out from its owner's tattooed calf

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Dog Portrait Tattoo

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Cecil Porter ( : “Little forearm piece done on one of my longest clients. Tons of fun to do.

Creative portrait by Balazs Bercsenyi

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Tatto done by Teniele Sadd (in progress)                              …

Tatto done by Teniele Sadd (in progress) no, this tattoo was done by Sausage on the live Ink Master finale.

The best tattoo Ive ever seen : pics

Stunning realism leg sleeve of a jungle man, he has white face-paint and a headdress made with feathers, coloured beads, and small shells. This leg tattoo is by Steve Butcher, an artist based in New Zealand.

Call me crazy but I find this pretty damn awesome! I love all the elements that make up this portrait.. Prob will never get it, but if I did I'd put it on my thigh!

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Realistic Harley Quinn Portrait

The punky super-villain Harley Quinn, with blue hair and crazy makeup, tattoo done on girl's forearm.