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Hand Skills and Autism Spectrum Disorder

Hand skills (fine motor skills) and how Autism Spectrum Disorder affects their development (a review of From Flapping to Function)

Free Transportation Theme Printable for Counting to 10 - Life Over C's

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Parts Of The Day flashcard

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Zack est autiste. Mais ça ne nous empêche pas d'être amis. On parle d'avions, on construit des modèles réduits et on aime passer du temps ensemble. Je suis content que Zack soit mon ami !"

Camel, Crocodile, Panda Bear, Elephant, Bear, Giraffe, Fox, Wolf, Elk

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Teach Kids How to Slow Down to Cut on Lines With Scissors

How to teach kids how to slow down and cut on the lines with modifications and accommodations for sensory, visual, fine motor, difficulties due to behavioral and attention problems.

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Visual Processing and Handwriting

Visual processing checklist for Occupational Therapy, classroom, teachers to help students with handwriting and classroom tasks.

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The ultimate guide to kids on the playground, including fine motor, gross motor, visual skill, and social skill development, sensory integration therapy, modifications, and more.

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35 cliparts in french only Format: .gif with transparent background Included versions: color, line art Please read the terms and conditions of use located on the Freebies main page before using any cliparts.

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Areas of Visual Processing / Perception

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