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MEMPHIS - Ettore Sottsass

Postmodernism & Design

Ettore was a founding member of the Memphis Group, a short-lived, loathed-by-some design collective in the This house colouring is in line with Memphis style.

Postmodernism is a late-20th-century movement in the arts, architecture, and criticism that was a departure from modernism. Description from imgarcade.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

The Dada-dist movement was the acclaimed nonconformist, in rebellion of war. At the time they claimed what they did was not art and yet in the end, what they created became the forerunner to the surrealist artists.


Charlotte Love styling work with photography by Natalie Dinham experimenting with shape & colour inspired by the Memphis group

The Death of Postmodernism, Emiliano Ponzi  (2011)

The Death of Postmodernism, Pop Art, Campbells Soup, Emiliano Ponzi