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"What would happen if one day you decided to follow your heart?"

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Want to be content? Look at your life through someone else's eyes

When I wrote my series about contentment, one of the things I mentioned was looking at people with less instead of focusing on people who have more. This is probably the most misunderstood aspect o...

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I've definitely made some bad choices--recently, in fact. As a result, I've learned about myself and about my future. I know this was a test from Heavenly Father and I failed him but he wouldn't give me anything I couldn't handle :)

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change the world one person at a time...but start with yourself

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Film podľa skutočného príbehu, ktorí hovorí o odovzdanosti do Božej vôle, o sile vytrvalých modlitieb, o vzájomnej ľudskej pomoci a súdržnosti, o Božej starostlivosti, láske a milosrdenstve. Pre povzbudenie vo viere a v dôvere v nášho trojjediného Boha.

Not everyone is smart with numbers or words, some people are smart with their hands... the point is that everyone is smart in different ways and a child must never be made to feel ashamed of his ability if he was designed to swim, when others were designed to climb trees.

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Láska sa nikdy nevysmieva! To dokáže iba rozum... Katarína Lihocká ...

respond to things that excite your spirit | rumi

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