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Take a BERRY Break (40 phtos)

Ralph Fiennes: Great pic, love his eyes...(VOLDEMORT!)

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Ralph Fiennes in Quiz Show (1994). His zenith of gorgeousness.

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War films and the Oscars

Why yes, I'd love to listen to you read Shakespeare by the fireplace all day while we drink wine. Thanks for asking.

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Ralph Fiennes. How can you tell that you shouldn't take "the Academy's" word on everything of worth? Ralph Fiennes does not yet have an oscar! and i'm having trouble coming up with people who are better actors than him.

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Afternoon eye candy: Ralph Fiennes (31 photos)

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Ralph Fiennes (°1962) - English film and stage actor.

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The *one* thing about the Harry Potter movies that agitates me is that they cover up Ralph Fiennes ultra-prettiness.

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He might be an uppity tosser, but I **adore** him!

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