Randy Orton (Randy Orton):This man was the reason the original Immortal Circus was shut down after he killed while feeding, arousing the suspcions of the humans living in the town the circus used to stay at. Before that he was a young man living in St. Louis during the times of trappers and hunters.  was deemed insane due to having  bi polar disorder. He was changed by one of his cohorts, a mean and ruthless man named Hunter Helmsly and has never looked back on his human life.

I don't mind when Randy watches wrestling as long as Randy Orton is on

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Randy Orton

I have beautiful friends? My name is Milena. I'm Poland ?


Randy Orton, the only reason I ever watched wrestling growing up!

WWE Champion Randy Orton #WWE #RKO #SDLive

wwe Champion has made his feelings about his opponent perfectly clear.

I don't watch wrestling but maybe I SHOULD!!! ..... Randy Orton

Miranda Cook on

Look at Mother Fuckin Randy Orton. Oh dear god,,, This man is so beautiful! Sorry for the language but at the last WWE event I went myself and a lady next to me said it at the exact same time. He is really Mother F'n beautiful.

Randy Orton started his career playing the role of a heel. Description from sportskeeda.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

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