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5 Disturbing Baby Care Myths That Just Won't Go Away

Can my rats eat grapes? Plus 25 other foods classified!

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rats <3 typologies.

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hey cutie ;) Like & Repin thx. Follow Noelito Flow instagram

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♥ Small Pets ♥ My fancy rat Penelope. Her dumbo ears are so cute!

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Rats with teddy bears…


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How to Train Your Pet Rat

The Complete Guide to Rat Training | I miss having rats :3

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I don't care if it is a mouse....that yawn and stretch is adorable.

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Mouse and dog are BEST FRIENDS

Mouse and dog are BEST FRIENDS

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Misunderstood Rats. If only we could put this up at work next to the rats. Whenever I suggest rats to people as pets for their children many of them cringe and say never when in reality a majority of the time a rat will be a much better small pet.

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4gifs: “ Pepper the rat learned to recognize sneezing. [video] ”

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12 Photos That Will Change Your Mind About Rats

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18 Reasons Why Rats Are The Most Underrated Pet

They're especially loyal and affectionate to their humans.DEFFINETLY More

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Rats with teddy bears…

Can't stand rats? You might reconsider after these images. #rats #teddybear #amazinganimals

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More Music Stuff The musician rat this is no photoshopped image,that is a real rat playing real musical instruments,with food treat,Dutch photographer and artist Ellen Van Deelen taught her pet Moppy and Witz to pose with different stuffs such as guitar,piano,flute,bike etc according to her,her pets are very intelligent and understand her enough to pose for these outstanding photographs

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Tutorial: Cardboard Food Puzzle

Tutorial: Cardboard Food Puzzle | serribrat's pet rat page

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Baby dumbo rat! Call me crazy but I would get one for Charlotte

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