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See it for what it is, not what you want it to be!

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liking yourself is the real prize

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I'm a nice person - Follow me on Twitter -->

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#‎Introvert‬ Reality Check #3: "We choose to be alone, therefore we're..."

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And they will try to make you believe that their lies are the truth and YOU are the ones who can't handle reality. Tricky, tricky.

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reality check

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Quotes Of The Day � 13 Pics

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love the sound of the rain

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beauty is in the way you hold yourself. it's how you treat people. the way you love. it's self acceptance. beauty is in your soul. if you think you're any more of a person because your face is nice, you need a reality check.

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Money mgmt - Reality check. "You're on your own. How much $ will you need to live your lifestyle?"