"November pierces with its bleak remembrance  Of all the bitterness and waste of war.  Our silence tries but fails to make a semblance  Of that lost peace they thought worth fighting for...."  - opening lines of "Silence" by Malcolm Guite

Silence; a sonnet for Remembrance Day

Trench warfare was when armies fought, the opposite armies would create battles, at a close distance, from all different kinds of ditches dug into the ground. Trench warfare becomes necessary when two armies are unable to advance and overtake the other

We remember those who leave never to return - and those who return, but are never the same. We remember.<3

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The famous Remembrance Day poem "In Flanders Fields" by John McCrae

‘It’s really a hometown story’: John McCrae honoured in Guelph

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War time experiences affects everyone, from the soldier in the heat of a battle to the family back home and the country as a whole. Time to heal.