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The Prince of Dixie

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hollywoodlady: “ Clark Gable as Rhett Butler ”

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- Clark Gable - RHETT BUTLER IN GONE WITH THE WIND Movie Star from the past. He is often considered the most romantic, charismatic male character ever in films. His chemistry with the fiery Vivien Leigh was infallible. No actor and role were ever so perfectly wed as Clark Gable and Rhett Butler. R.I.P.

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Gone with the wind ~ movie quote ~ Rhett Butler "With enough courage, you can do without a reputation"

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can you blame me for naming my son after him? So classy! Rhett Butler

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Rhett Butler - He was no gentleman and she was no lady, but their love was forever sealed with one look that day at Twelve Oaks. The smoke-wisp image of...

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"You'd had such a struggle, Scarlett. No one knew better than I what you'd gone through..." - Rhett

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Why Rhett Butler is my biggest book crush

completely honest, my love affair begandark days here). Suffice it to say, in this technologically primitive era, the airing of Gone With the Wind was an event. A lavish spectacle not to be missed. Like every other schoolgirl with a romantic heart, I was rapt. I swooned over Scarlett O’Hara’s clothes—hoop skirts, wide-brimmed hats, parasols, bustles, bonnets and of course, the infamous emerald-green dress she made from curtains. I watched, slack-jawed as Atlanta burned. I cried when ...

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Clark Gable (Rhett Butler) on being afraid to not properly portray Margaret Mitchell's Rhett Butler

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