Ripped recipes

Ripped Recipes - Buffalo Chicken Meatballs - Spicy Little Meatballs you can enjoy with rice, in a wrap or all by themselves
Ripped Recipes - Sweet Potato Protein Brownies - Give these delicious brownies a try!
Ripped Recipes - Sweet Potato Grilled Cheese - A spin on the classic comfort sandwich!
Protein Cinnamon Rolls | Only 67 Calories! | Sweet & Delicious! | From @rippedrecipes
Ripped Recipes - Cucumber Tuna Rolls - I had these today, and they were really good! I used cucumber strips instead of wraps, and I loved it! I really recommend trying cucumber strips as your wrap.
Ripped Recipes - Protein Lemon and Blueberry Loaf - Complete with a lemon protein glaze, a must make!
Ripped Recipes - Chocolate Protein Crepes - The easiest recipe ever. This is the simplest version for a QUICK and easy morning. Add fruit, greek yogurt, or pudding if you can fit it in your macros!
Ripped Recipes - Chicken Turkey Muffins - Can be eaten alone as a snack, with rice, broken up in a wrap.
Ripped Recipes - Avocado Chicken Wrap - This is a delicious and filling meal, filled with healthy fats, and protein!
Sweet Potato Turkey Sliders - could switch the ingredients inside but Love the idea of sweet potato instead of buns! Great E meal!