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Overflowing with passion kind of love

So Glad we have equal love to give and have understood this respect and precious words of wisdom.

Relationship quotes Rob Hill Sr.

Boy, I wasn't sure if I wanted to post this.thought and feeling in this, is on the money. Feels like I wrote this. If I could change one thing, I would say we would both miss out.

Rob hill sr quotes this was said just right

Invest in my smile and I’ll commit to your heart. We’ll build from there…

Can you stand alone for a minute? Or do you NEED to be loved, adored, and admired at all times? Do you jump at the first person that is "there" it is willing to commit? Do you date anyone who shows some interest and gives you attention?  Or do you wait until the time is right, the person is right, and all your wounds are healed?

Rob Hill Sr Quote Rob Hill I get you. You just made sense of a lot of loose ideas hanging out in my mind.