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Robert Carlyle from Once Upon a Time. His chartacter is beyond crazy. Proof that you can be creeped out, and turned on at the same time...

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Rumple Edits - The New Neverland - TheChloris - Tumblr - Rumplestiltskin / Goldstiltskin

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Awkward "Once Upon a Time" Confession: I totally have a crush on Mr. Gold. Is it weird that I chose him over all the princes? ::squint eye::

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I can't believe Robert Carlyle invented looking like art

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Vložený trvalý odkaz obrázku

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Robert Carlyle

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Robert Carlyle... I hear he played me in some...modern show. Ugh.

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Robert Carlyle - Mr. Gold / Once Upon a Time

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We're basically like "Challenge Accepted!" Robert Carlyle as Mr. Gold from the TV Show "Once Upon A Time".

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Yes, very fabulous dearie

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