Stucco - Mariä Geburt, Rottenbuch, Oberbayern.

This shows the detail put into ceiling and corner ornamentation, despite the piece being far from the height visitors would be able to appreciate the art.


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Guo Pei Spring 2016 Couture - EE

Guo Pei Spring 2016 Couture - Dressing to thrill. Represents the costume feel of Renaissance period adapted in a modern couture way.

balenciaga S/S 2006

Love the lace pattern. Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2006 century inspired neck collar with elaborate beading and pleats.

Jeanette Antoinette Pompadour

The ribbons on her stomached would be called eschelles rococo, madame de pompadour

Eye Candy for Today: Boucher’s Madame Bergeret

Eye Candy for Today: Boucher’s Madame Bergeret (lines and colors)

How the foliage is painted ~~~Madame Bergeret, Francois Boucher

Style Bible Life Ball 2014 photos (unretouched) by Inge Prader

Amazing photography by Inge Prader with this Marie Antoinette inspired picture x