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Put the #romance back in your #marriage or #relationship with these 101 Romantic Ideas for Couples in Love! Description from I searched for this on

This would be so breathtaking on a big canvas in my room #lightbulbmoment

The power of human touch can heal the sick, lift the spirits and change lives.

"Eu a abraço, por dois motivos. Primeiro: sei que é o que ela precisa. Ela está em estado de choque. Segundo: esta é a minha área. Conheço muitos caras q estão na festa. E aqui funciona assim: ou você marca a garota como sua, ou alguém vai catar". (Rafael - Cap. 12 - As Batidas Perdidas do Coração).

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Stephenie Meyer's 'The Host': Exclusive featurette

stop everything now, meet in the pouring rain, kiss me on the sidewalk.. There's something about kissing in the rain it's like time stands still

I love the cute pictures of every day life together. It's the little things that make a marriage bliss.

What a stunning photo of the new owners of our Peachtree ring, Jennifer and her boyfriend. Love! Photo by Carolyn Scott Photography LLC

I'm a hopeless romantic with a dirty mind.ღ If you are under 18, turn around. Images are not mine except what I tag as me. I am simply sharing things I find sexy. 18+ .. and definitely NSFW

It's not just the hot passion, it's the time spent with one another, holding hands, lying down or sitting together, enjoying one another company and having non-argumentative conversations that make you both feel warm and cozy inside, happy to be together....even when you wake up together and your hairs are explosively messy, but bring a smiles to your faces. That's love