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"I just try to see the beauty in things and people as often as I can. I know that's a challenging way to live your life sometimes, but mostly the world is beautiful and people are beautiful." Russell Brand

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Russell Brand: Vegan

I consider this man to be one of the most intelligent, enlightened, spiritual teachers of our time. If only the human race as a whole would wake up and just "get it".

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10 Rules for success: Russell Brand

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Russell Brand. That's because it's easier for the people who are paid to drop the bombs to think about those they are bombing as non-human. If they had to look into their eyes, I wonder if they could still do it.

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Happiness, Russell Brand quote

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18 Times Russell Brand Inspired Us To Live Out Loud

There's no rule that says I have to live life like everyone else. — Russell Brand

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Be led by your talent not your self loathing Russell Brand

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What is it about Russell Brand that women can’t resist?

Russell Brand "... without fame, this hair is mental illness!"

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I likes him. It's not his looks it's his attitude. The man makes some good points if you'll listen to him.

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