This countertop may work if its not too dark for my BLACK cabinetry. The backsplash is NOT for me...but the countertop is an option.

The Formica Dolce Vita laminate countertop with a gorgeous thermoplastic metallic backsplash - NEED, RYAN

Rome wasn't built in a day: Ryan Homes

So, I finally finished the built-in mudroom storage/halltree that has been in my head for 2 yrs.

Citrus + Spice: A Sight for Forgetful Eyes - Ryan Homes Build

I had a weekend-day off and as a family we had nothing planned - finally ! So as a spur of the moment thing, we drove to Maryland to visit t.

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Our original plan for this year's "big purchase" was a privacy fence for our backyard. We had hoped to get a dog this year, and don't want t.

Building a Torino Ryan Home in Maryland Blog

Building a new Life

We recently made a move from Coastal North Carolina to a suburb of Baltimore. While the area seems very fun and exciting, I would be lying if I said I won’t always miss the beach.