Sailor Neptune wand (with a little Uranus in the bow’s heart). The colours look a little bit too Sailor Jupiter-y but they’ll do. :)Background is transparent.Please don’t re-post to other websites without asking permission or giving credit.

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Sailor Neptune (Crystal) by on @DeviantArt

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Sailor Neptune (#Michiru Kaiou #Sailor Neptune)

Sailor Neptune (#Michiru Kaiou #Sailor Neptune)

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Sailor Neptune. Omg Michiru looks sooo beautiful!!! TToTT

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Sailor Neptune Crystal by on @DeviantArt

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Hello, I'm Sailor Neptune(Michiru). I live in Japan and fight evil with my best friend, Sailor Uranus. When I am not a super hero I enjoy playing the violin. My girlfriend is Sailor Uranus. I am 17

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Sailor Neptune fan art by Crystal

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Sailor Neptune More

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