This pin captures the aura of a samurai really well for me. In my opinion it captures patience and pride just through the use of clothing and stance alone. Clothing and stance are something I could use to conjure the same effect in my game.

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Digital art selected for the Daily Inspiration #1585

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The original of the kabuto (helmet) of the Dragon Armour is interesting inasmuch as the bowl of the helmet came from the Momoyama period. The suji bachi style of bowl, with overlapped and riveted plates was typical of the finest helmet makers (katchu-shi) of this period, borne out by the signature of the Saotome smith ''Ienao'' on the back plate. The menpo (mask) is a typical ressei men of the type made in Nara.

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Orig. Pinner sez "The Last Samurai (2003) hubbahubba! <3 mah man!!" We say, mais oui! (Pix of Hiroyuki Sanada)

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Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania samuraj czarno biały

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania samuraj czarno biały

(I feel like Jack right now, compared to my stresses up against everything that wants to bring me down) AKU! by ChasingArtwork on DeviantArt

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