Seaweed brain

Pozrite si súvisiace témy

#wattpad #fanfiction Uh oh! I guess the seven and the gang are up to no good. Again. This time it's- drum roll- truth or dare! Truth or dare with demigods ( especially the seven ) can get a little messy if you ask me. So are you up to it? I dare you... Disclaimer: The Percy Jackson Truth or Dare fanfic idea is not mine...
Seaweed Brain and Wise Girl a.k.a. Percabeth
Seaweed Brain (Percy Jackson)
I like it when people actually let Annabeth say Percy, not only Seaweed Brain. Sure, it's a cute name, but out doesn't always fit.
MDSSS EU PRECISO MT DISSO (e de algm p usar cmg né...hahaahahahah)

Percy Jackson Inspired "Wise Girl" and "Seaweed Brain" Heart Necklace

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Percy Jackson (Memes and More) - Number 168 - Wattpad

Percy Jackson (Memes and More) - Number 168