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Atelophobia is the fear of not being good enough or imperfection. Atelophobia is classified as an anxiety disorder that can affect relationships and makes the afflicted person feel like everything they do is wrong.

Couldn't be more correct. But we also do things we said we would never which causes others to do things they said they would never

I promised myself (when I was that no matter how depressed I was,I would nevef self harm.<<<I promised i would never swear, vape, have sex.

I've known for a long time that I have stopped living. I know what I'm waiting for... I just don't know when it will happen... LC

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Sometimes being suicidal is so damn difficult that I can't help hating myself; just wishing I could be like everyone else, that I could have normal days with normal emotions. But I can't be like everyone else and so I cry.

This is very creative. I'm willing to do it and I hope you are too! Self harm isn't just physical's emotional. So when you feel like hurting yourself physically or mentally, try this out. I'll also draw a butterfly for others, so just let me know :)

The Butterfly Project [Recovery from Self-Harm Behaviors] not something I would usually pin but I really like this idea/behavior modification good idea if you are getting over self harm addiction, and if you just want to show your support.

Healing Schemas (Search results for: borderline personality disorder)

alternatives for self-harm. when someone suggests self-harm i will show this to them. Recovery is Possible

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