Self harm shouldn't be defined to cutting. Burning and self destructive behavior is also a form of self harm,

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I don't self harm.... It's so sad to see people self harm, I know what it's like to be sad, depressed, I know! If you guys need to talk go to my Facebook page (I'll post a pin about the page), you can always talk to me! I've never judged or been mean to anyone!

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Yes so please please PLEASE stop the hate towards people who self harm. It's not a joke, it's serious!

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I don't need someone to kiss my self harm scars and tell me they're beautiful. I just need someone to not panic when they see them.

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learning to be strong enough to not engage in self harm

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Demon (A Self-Harm Poem) - Taytay Bernard - Wattpad

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Anxiety self harm starving cycle for people who are unable to cope.

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