I'm so proud of @WWERollins :)

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I'm the greatest WWE Superstar of all time. You can't deny it look at my accolades. So stop hating.

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins

Sethie baby! Why are you so freaking cute?!

❤️ Seth Rollins ❤️ Dean Ambrose ❤️ Roman Reigns ❤️ Love making GIF's and loving my boys, no need for anything else❣️Stella, currently in UK, originally from Finland.

He always looks cute but even sexier  in those glasses-cait           I think he looks like a nerd-roman         So do I-Sierra         Hey, I wear glasses-neville   But you make them look sexy. Plus we can have fun when you wear them because it's normally off the clock-Sierra     Oh yea- neville    Get a room-cait  Oh you enjoy it you know you do Caity, you aren't  going to get it from Seth anytime soon so get used to us being like this because we're not training for anything or…

Seth Rollins Fans - Seth Rollins Undergoes Surgery HQ Digitals Part.