Commission: Akachi - by Jackson Tjota - Freelance Illustrator - Apprentice Tattoo Artist - Jakarta, Indonesia

J'aime l'idee du long manteau a babiole le chapeau est pas mal aussi So, I run a fantasy game . but I've gotta use a guy who sells "found" weapons and such on a street corner out of his trench coat.

Alternate Reality f Half Tiefling Half Orc Fighter 2 pistols Molly - Troll street samurai. Favorite game is Marvel vs DC vs Capcom SHUMA GORATH!

"Gunslinger Adept" Character Archetype for Shadowrun Edition Core Rulebook. For those curious, I based this on Ghost Crow, a character I'd been running for about years now. One of the perks.

A weapons specialist depicted in a Shadowrun core rulebook. This character knows guns and provides a specific service with them.

Mad doc, Andrey Sinyavsky on ArtStation at

Hard copy picture, found during standard post-deployment minimization and reclamation op. Caption reads: Markus: I told you, it was the fucking Cleaners. I pulled this of Einhardt's cortex, last thing the poor bastard saw.

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