Can't remember Lestrade's name, but he knows how Watson takes his coffee.

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And if you didn't read it in Sherlock's voice you're wrong

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We have good taxi drivers. / Im laughing so hard. Moriarty will forever be my favourite story teller

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...@Rachel Phelps, are you certain you are not also John? Because this Sherlock is definitely me.

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Drunk!lock is my favourite thing about series 3. You know...after Moriarty.

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This boomerang pun. | 33 "Sherlock" Puns That Will Tickle Your Punny Bone. He'd get punched so hard...

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Woodland Sherlock. Thank you for this, @Madeline Fox Elliott

Woodland Sherlock. Thank you for this, @Madeline Fox Elliott

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More like Watson goes on a really long walk to overthrow Sherlock and along the way meets the Doctor.

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Jawn, they took our chairs!!!!! Mrs. Hudson!!!!!

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I don't have friends. #humor #sherlock #bbc

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