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Lakota Sioux Hunting Dance

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Kicking Bear Sioux Indian Teaches Son Bow & Arrow, Native American

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Oglala Sioux council chief / by Herman Heyn, 1899.

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Plenty Holes, Sioux Warrior

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Chief Red Cloud and son Jack Red Cloud - Oglala Sioux circa 1900

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Crazy Bull - Oglala / Sioux (Lakota) Portrait of Crazy Bull, Native American Oglala Sioux, (Lakota) wearing a cotton shirt, hair pipe breastplate, feather headdress, and an animal fur bandolier 1899 from the Denver Library Collection

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Eagle Dog, Yankton Sioux Indian Chief

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Zitkala-Sa was a Yankton Sioux woman. She was well educated and went on to become an accomplished author, musician and composer - she wrote the first American Indian opera, The Sun Opera, in 1913. She went on to work for the reform of Indian policies in the United States

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Red Cloud 1822-1909 Perhaps one of the most capable warriors from the Oglala Lakota (Sioux) tribesmen ever faced by the US military, Makhpiya Luta, his Sioux name, led his people in what is known as Red Cloud’s War. This battle was for the rights to the area known as Powder River Country in Northern Wyoming and Southern Montana. Eventually he led his people during their time on reservation.

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