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Six Feet Under - Great show, but the greatest ending to a show in the history of television and/or film. I wept like a man

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one of the greatest five years of my life, watching this series.......

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en mükkkkemmel sonun başlangıç sahnesi. // Six Feet Under - one of the greatest finales in television history

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Fantastic Posters Inspired by Your Favorite Premium Cable Shows

Mark Englert - Six Feet Under

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Six Feet Under. BEST SHOW EVER!!!! If you have not heard of this go out and purchase or Netflix it. It's about a family who owns a funeral home and it has different scenarios ever episode. I highly recommend this if you are interested in funeral service.

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six feet under: puts things into perspective - at least for me.

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I want to watch "Six Feet Under" from the beginning, again.

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Six Feet Under narra la vida cotidiana de la familia Fisher, que posee una empresa funeraria en Los Ángeles, Fisher & Sons y posteriormente Fisher & Díaz, tras la asociación con Federico Díaz, otro empleado de la compañía en la tercera temporada. La serie aborda, sin morbo, con simplicidad y con mucho humor negro, la búsqueda interior del "yo verdadero" de los personajes. A lo largo de la serie cada uno irá buscando y encontrando su lugar en el mundo.

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Loved him in Six Feet Under!

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Six Feet Under - My daughter bought me the entire series for Christmas. I love it because it's so dark and twisted at times. And the series ended in such a perfect way unlike most series.

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