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Two 12-Year-Old Girls Stabbed Their Friend 19 Times, Saying Internet Meme "Slender Man" Told Them To

"Momma, I made a friend in the woods today, but he wouldn't even tell me his name..." Okay, I know I shouldn't say this, but I'm kinda excited for "Marble Hornets" now.

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Slender Man will forever be a fear of mine. Good lord..

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Slenderman (that is seriously the scariest/best picture I've ever seen of him!)

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Slender Man by

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Where is Ticci-toby<<<he is at slender mansion eating waffles <3

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Misunderstood Slender Man

This is funny because in the game you have to avoid slender man and collect all of the pages and the more you find, the faster he comes for you. Maybe this is why

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Not sure where to pot Slenderman. He isn't a zombie or a ghost, but he's definetly ghoulish.

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The very first Slenderman sighting..

The very first Slender Man sighting. I actually think he's hiding and hoping the creepy juvenile delinquents don't spot him.

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Sally and Slender man el puede ser malo pero en el fondo puede amar a una persona ...

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Slender man... / iFunny :)

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