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I smile because ....... i don't want you to see me cry. I get in my car or I pretend to fall back to sleep. But the tears fall when you leave.

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She's not fine... even tho she puts on a face it means either she is happy or trying to hide it all to protect the ones she loves... thats what i did and still am doing...

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Ayamirin | Theres always a little truth behind every “Just...

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I don't know the location of this grave. However, it is a moving tribute of a love one coming to care for it.

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Um, this statue definitely looks like it could be a weeping angel. >_> #DontBlink

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zdzislaw beksinski | Tumblr

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"He stood in the light for longer than he meant to. But not because he was afraid of the darkness, because he was afraid it would be the last time he was welcomed by the light." Sp

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Could do this as a watercolor experiment/study in understanding how colors mix and/or values work.

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grief- unfathomable sorrow and despair- an angel to help us mourn our loss

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"Stay away from me!" Her voice was growing more guttural as she began to change, crying out in pain, she doubled over, shaking from the effort of fighting the shift. "You need to control it! Take control!" Indigo shouted, ignoring her warnings as he dropped down beside her. "Take control!" She froze, then slowly lifted her head, dead black eyes stared at him as her lips curved into a malicious smirk, her voice an unfamiliar echo. "Too late, I'm in control now." (B5:)~Wendy Hamlet

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