Happy Smiley Face | gleeful smiley face this is a series of smiley faces made for a game ...

is Radio, rediscovered - The Watergate Tapes vol. 2 () by Jersey City Mods in Mount Vernon

Remember the smileys...and to smile :-)

Being Happy with People

28 inShare Be Happy: 46 Proven Techniques to Increase Your Happiness

I like the church but I don't think it's a permanent spot for me here. I really don't like midland, my favorite thing about midland is that you're here

This Christmas we bring to you Free Crochet Christmas Stocking Patterns like traditional patterns, Stockings for pets and some lovely innovative patterns

New, Exciting Phoji App! Send Your Own Face as an Emoji! – Starfluff

EMOJI A small digital image or icon used to express an idea or emotion in electronic communication: emoji liven up your text messages with tiny smiley faces