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Cinderella's son: Clint is very lazy, and I mean VERY lazy. He is 14 and he has a sence of humor. Being inline for the throne can stress him out at times, but he is usually cool as a cucumber.

Soul Eater Evans | Soul Eater NOT! - LOOK AT DAT CUTENESS

I just noticed that in Soul Eater NOT, Soul is younger.I looked at the Soul Eater Wikia. And this show is based of of their early years, idk I thought it was cool!

soul eater Maka Albarn ,Soul Eater ,Soul Evans episode 27

Maka Albarn Soul Eater gif Soul Evans episode Looks like soul was responsible for burning the kury

Soul Evans from Soul Eater, also known as me! (or so i am told) He is one cool dude

Gabe has a soul eater shirt soul evans is soooo cute too ok I don't know anything about soul eater.

soul x maka from soul eater NOT anime<--- you know, I just realized that it looks like Soul doesn't have red eyes...

soul x maka: soul eater not! He looks so drunk~soul, what wee you doing with your life?