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Spencer Reid in Criminal Minds. The short hair suits him much better than the longer shag he has now!!!!!

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Awww. Spencer is so cute when he's sleeping. If you do not find this completely heart melting, you are heartless. Spencer Reid for the win!

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lost-inyour-eyes: @gublernation@beautiful-bau-beau@thebeautifultimesofladybrooklynn@spencer-reid-is-my-life@spencerreidimagines@spencerreiddr@matthewgodgubler MADE MY DAY

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So relatable. Only I can live somewhere two years and still not make friends...

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Lml best line from Dr. Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds xD

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Sassy, sexy Dr. Reid

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When Morgan honors both his dad and Reid, how can you not cry at that!!

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Dr. Spencer Reid. Yes please.~definition of an attractive nerd

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Criminal Minds - Matthew Gray Gubler and Joe Mantegna

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First Church Of Matthew Gray Gubler

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