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City Hall (Abandoned) - Elmdale, Kansas... could be a fun little day trip


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Old Plantation Home » McPike Mansion: The Most Haunted House in America? Just north of St. Louis, Missouri, in the historical town of Alton, sitting on the highest point of this town, stands the McPike House. Built in 1869 and once a proud addition to the small town, the McPike Mansion hasn’t been occupied since the 1950′s


abandoned in Kansas City, 18th and Vine - "The building is known as the Vine Street Workhouse. It was designed by Wallace Love and built with the help of prisoners between 1895 and 1897. Prisoners also helped quarry the native limestone used in the structure. Until 1911, the castle-like building served as a municipal prison complete with dungeons in the basement to house the toughest offenders."


Kansas City - Sauer castle was built in 1871 by Anton sauer alongthe Shawnee Indian trail that was part of the old Santa Fe Trail. Five generations of the Sauer family lived in the house until the death of Eve Maria Sauer in 1955.


Abandoned on old Route 66 in Galena, Kansas


The Brookville Hotel, which survived more than a century as a restaurant in Brookville, Kansas stands abandoned and lonely today. However, a new version of the the restaurant is now open in now stands in Abilene, Kan