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The slight differences between classical Athens and Sparta are magnified in this lesson because it provides for good issue-based discussion. In reality Athens and Sparta were both fairly militaristic, and at other times both were fairly democratic. Contrary to the way they are commonly portrayed, Athens had a powerful army and navy, and Sparta had an Assembly of elected members.

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ancient greece clothing chiton - Google Search

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Comparing Athens and Sparta Chart and Reading

This fantastic resource for your Ancient Greece unit features a 1 page reading that describes the major differences between Athens and Sparta. Several major aspects of society are described so that students can get a clear understanding of how the two city-states differed. After completing the reading, students analyze a chart of statements that match either Athens or Sparta and must correctly match each.

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Ancient Greece Classroom Olympics

Ancient Greece Olympics for the Classroom: A fun way to help students understand the competitive spirit and athleticism that were such a part of ancient Greek culture. I use this after students learn about the Greek city-states and their contributions. Students become a member of an ancient Greek polis (city-state) and work in groups or 4-5 to compete against other teams. The events are similar to Minute-To-Win-It type challenges and can be completed within the classroom.

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Ancient Greece: Complete Interactive Notebook Unit

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What Is The Water Cycle? Science Experiment For Kids

Where does water come from? Find out in this "What is Water Cycle?" Science Experiment

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Free Ancient Greece Lapbook

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Introduction to Selected Elements in Chemistry for Young Children

These large cards are perfectly designed for your young learners. 36 elements (Hydrogen through Krypton) are defined and accompanied by a colorful examples of the element at work.

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FREE Visual Guide to Landforms

Only Passionate Curiosity has a FREE Visual Guide to Landforms to go with her landforms pack. You can get both packs on her site for free. Click here for

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The Story of the World Vol. 1 - Chapter 19: Geography and Early Greece (Includes the story of the Minotaur.)

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