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The slight differences between classical Athens and Sparta are magnified in this lesson because it provides for good issue-based discussion. In reality Athens and Sparta were both fairly militaristic, and at other times both were fairly democratic. Contrary to the way they are commonly portrayed, Athens had a powerful army and navy, and Sparta had an Assembly of elected members.

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Ionic Chiton - worn by both men and women. For men it is either long or short with a full fit and longer sleeves while for women it is long fastened with many small brooches.

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Griechische Antike - Chlamys

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Ancient Greek lady from Sicily 400 BC wearing an ionic chiton. Over the chiton she wears the himation.

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Greek Columns - Doric, Ionic, Corinthian (This is one I learned on the go while touring around Greece - the words go up one syllable for each stage) - Ancient Greece for Kids

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женский греческий хитон. картинки Ancient greece wear

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historic costume, fashion, ancient greek

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poseidon costume diy - Google Search

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