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Spanish Made Mare's Leg Holster - 22-701

Holster for the Mare's Leg- holster inspiration. Really wanting a shorty shot gun or a Rossi Ranch Hand so I can make a holster like this!

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Extraordinary gold damascened Astra 300 pistol with pearl grips. Sold at Auction: $7,000. Historic Firearms, Antique Guns, & Curiosities.

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700 Nitro Express - Because GODZILLA is coming and he's pissed

.700 Nitro Express, for when scientists bring back T-Rex.

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Holland & Holland Rifles

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SVD Dragunov Review (Video review, click link)

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.577 Westley Richards double

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Nowadays Holland and Holland are famous for their double rifles chambered for the 700 Nitro Express. Description from I searched for this on

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