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^Earn her trust, touch her soul and treat her like the treasure that she is...This will be your reward!

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heart 289's the real winner here huh? :-)

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You were a risk, a mystery, and the most certain thing I'd ever known.

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No one else has been able to make me feel so strong and vulnerable, while just as safe (and equally as humble), and who else could reassure me that although I may fail a thousand times more, someone might still love me just the same? it is in no one else, but you, whom I willingly surrender myself to. So take this as a subtle plea (in fact, I beg of you) never to let go of me.

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Original Poetry by Jessica Katoff - |

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I am not your typical girl... I like nice things but rarely buy them, I like makeup, but don't wear it often, I like dresses but I wear one once a year... I run a service department at a Chevrolet dealership, I know vehicles not designers, I know my children not the socialites.

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Haha... Kinda funny how we both remember this day like it was yesterday... And we still laugh about that night.

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Wise words....too bad more people don't heed this advice..

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Thats all i want to do.

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My body is a crime scene of your fingerprints.

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