Here are those great pieces of art from the Super Smash Bros. Direct

tabletorgy: whmsy: Bayonetta’s Smash Illustration by Eiji Funahashi (PlatinumGames) this is the best smash illustration so far!

Just how impressive is that artwork from Fire Emblem: Awakening cover artist…

Captain Falcon, Lucina and Robin confirmed for Smash Bros. 4 / - Official Illustration by Yusuke Kozaki <-- Yay Super Smash Bros.

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mikeluckas: “ all dem smash bruddahs. Plus cut characters and alts. The miis are Sakurai, Reggie, and Iwata. I’m never drawing 80 characters in one image ever again 」∠)_ ” I added in Young Link! I can’t believe I forgot him.

Super Smash Bros 4 - Merry Christmas! by Creamsouffle on DeviantArt

Poor Luigi, all alone in the last panel. Love Ike's Rudolph costume XP <<< This has to be my favorite comic of Super Smash Bros I've seen

Cute Nintendo Mashup Art (Zelda, Pokemon, Earthbound, Kirby, Ice Climber)

Miyamoto is gonna be real steamed. View "Videogame Characters: The Early Days" and more funny posts on Dorkly